Pinoy Swertres Hearing – Updated Daily

We now give you an update on the most recent and the established Swertres Hearing today. This is your lotto hearing for all the time schedules which are 2:00 PM, 05:00 PM, and 9:00 PM draws. You should keep in mind all the required yet essential hearing tips, computations, combinations, pairs, and techniques. We hope you enjoy the Suertres lotto hearing and also our efforts should benefit you and win the game.

Suertres hearing articles are posted every day, along with 9 lucky numbers posted to serve as a guide to you, our followers, and subscribers on your winning combination. With our guide of numbers, you can avoid selecting an overused pattern of numbers according to previous swertres results.

Swertres Hearing Today

1-2-7|0-3-0 |1-7-4
5-0-9|1-3-6 |4-0-0
2-0-2|8-2-9 |5-3-3

Swertres Pairing Guides

( 37, 57, 35, 55, 97, 95, 85, 87 ) 

Swer3 Pairing Guides

( 11, 06, 03, 04, 56, 54 ) 

PCSO Pasakay Guides

These guides are a combination of three values head digits; center, after and the ending digits. The people will normally try to guess the PCSO hearing Pasakay Guide X value and those who have successfully guessed the value has a greater chance to win the current results.

The Pasakay Guides are considered that most important part of the Swertres Hearing since these guides will help you in a lot of ways to ensure you become successful in the game thus giving you your desired results.

Head  ➠ ✘-7-3 = 073
Center ➠ 4-✘-0 = 410
Ending ➠ 8-5-✘ = 852

Calendar Guide

Bettors can make use of any lucky number combination that has something to do with the dates. The combination is usually taken from dates that don’t always occur. For example, today is February 2nd of the year 2020, bettors will most likely get 220 or 202, depending on their analysis. Another way to interpret a calendar method is the use of the traditional “lucky numbers”. A number of seasoned bettors testified the effectiveness of utilizing the number we get from our birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates that are considered significant to the bettors.

Monthly Hearing

06  —  006  —  606  —  608  —  062  —  060
08  —  808  —  008  —  081  —  108  —  800
28  —  288  —  822  —  028  —  128  —  280
30  —  300  —  030  —  003  —  301  —  033
48  —  488  —  480  —  048  —  481  —  248
74  —  744  —  174  —  477  —  074  —  740
82  —  828  —  820  —  082  —  382  —  821
84  —  848  —  084  —  841  —  184  —  843

Hot and Cold Numbers

Experienced lottery bettors are very much familiar with Hot and Cold Swetres Numbers. Hot Swertres Numbers refer to numbers that are frequently drawn more than others. Since the objective of all techniques applied in winning lotteries is to predict the winning numbers that will most likely get drawn, bettors search for Hot Swertres Numbers.

Cold Swertres Numbers, on the other hand, are numbers that least likely get drawn. Such Cold Swertres Numbers, together with Hot Swertres Numbers, are gathered and will be examined, as well as the recent winning numbers. With all data collected and analyzed, expert bettors will soon come up with a prediction of lucky numbers that will, in all probability, appear in the next draw.

To know the least and frequently drawn numbers go to swertres result history page.

Disclaimer: The posts in this article are based on a combination of algorithm and permutation, along with a dash of guess and psychoanalysis from our end. We operate independently, and we are not associated with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). As such, we cannot influence the actual results. At the same time, we cannot provide 100% accuracy on the swertres hearing every day.

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