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Information related to swertres hearing is regularly updated in this site. If you want to take a peek at swertres winning result predictions before they are DRAWN at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, we are here to help you out!

SWERTRES HEARING articles are posted every day, along with 9 lucky numbers posted to serve as a guide to you, our followers and subscribers on your winning combination. With our guide of numbers, you can avoid selecting an overused pattern of numbers according to previous swertres results.

PCSO Swertres Monthly Hearing

8-8-8 | 0-9-0 | 1-0-7

3-9-7 | 5-6-0 | 1-3-2

4-1-4 | 2-9-7 | 7-1-4

Previous Month Succesful Prediction

4-5-2 (Straight) Actual result from Nov. 19 11am draw

4-5-2 (Straight) Actual result from Nov. 25 9pm draw

4-2-4 (Rambolito) Actual result from Nov. 16 9pm draw – 2-4-4

Closet prediction with one different number from actual result

7-0-8(prediction) Actual result from Nov. 10 11am draw –7-8-8

6-9-5 (prediction) Actual result from Nov. 10 4pm draw –6-9-6

5-0-9 (prediction) Actual result from Nov. 03 11am draw –5-0-4

6-1-5 (prediction) Actual result from Nov. 25 11am draw –6-1-2

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The table below contains our latest PCSO swertres hearing today and share to win prediction!

8-8-8 0-9-0 1-0-7
3-9-7 5-6-0 1-3-2
4-1-4 2-9-7 7-1-4

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The posts in this article, including the swertres hearings and tips, are based on a combination of algorithm and permutation, along with a dash of guess and psychoanalysis from our end. We operate independently, and we are not associated with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). As such, we cannot influence the actual results. At the same time, we cannot provide 100% accuracy on the swertres hearing every day.

Our posts are updated every day, making this page your ultimate directory for different winning combinations and other information related to the game.

To know about the latest updates of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office game results go to our PCSO lotto results page.

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